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October 15, 2011
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Walking through the shooting range, Nanami and Suì-Fēng watched as the new recruits practiced throwing daggers, throwing stars and kunai at targets dozens of feet away.
The sound of parchment being ripped cleanly through was a beautiful one indeed.  Only one person was behind the rest and Nanami walked up to Kaede. He was still holding his first Kunai and held it at arm's length with one eye closed.
"What are you doing?" Nanami asked making him jump.
"GAh- I was just... Aiming it. You know, to get a good hit….aiming…."He stuttered.
"NO. No aiming." Nanami said grabbing a handful of kunai from a nearby table. "You'll waste energy and time." She observed the weapons in her hand and ran her fingers along the blades.
"Do you think throwing knives at an enemy is fun? Like daddy on the farm?" She patronized. She began to speak faster.
"Well Daddy's never been in a head on hollow swarm attack where every hollow is different and all are beginning to surround you trying to distract you while taking out your comrades one by one." She threw the knives each one landing perfectly in the bulls eye. "Every second counts and you CANNOT BE DADDY!"  

Kaede sighed looking around the boxes stacked high in his new room.
"This is going to take forever to unpack." He moaned. His roommate was already settled and back on the training field.
"What is all this?" Nanami asked entering his room. She began to open boxes.
"Keep your room clean." She said beginning to unpack things and put them inside of the empty dresser and wardrobe on his side of the room.
"If a late night alert comes. What will happen? Your roommate and yourself are trapped in a room, others come to investigate, everyone's so distracted by your clutter, no troops are dispatched DISASTER!" She held up the last of the boxes now empty.
"I'll make this super easy for you to remember eh?" She said kindly. "Keep your room clean, or I WILL KILL YOU!" She shouted exiting. He looked around surprised at how fast it had been for her to unpack his stuff when it would've probably taken him at least an hour.
"And here, you can have this back!" She called roughly tossing the box back to him.

"Ugh I can't watch this anymore." Nanami said after Kaede's third loss in a sparring match. "Hey, farm boy." She shouted walking onto the field.
She looked him over. He really had taken a beating. He had small cuts along his forehead and arms, and his uniform was in tattered from where the other opponents had managed to kick, punch and slice him.
"Do yourself a favor, keep your arms in, and always return to this defensive position." She showed him what to do and practiced it a moment later when a 3 squad mates tried to ambush her from behind. With a few kicks and punches, the people were on the ground moaning in pain. Nanami hadn't broken a sweat.
"You see? Fighting is fast, sharp metal, cheap hits, keeping your arms in minimizes the access your opponent has to your vital organs  as well as keeping body parts  away from unintentional damage. The mark of an Onmitsukidō: Bloody blade, clean uniform."

"Finally some privacy." Kaede said out loud to himself. He'd managed to find a secluded section of the squad two barracks and it was just the place he needed to attempt activating his bankai. He pointed his sword into the air.
"BANKAI!" he shouted. The sword gleamed innocently in the sunlight showing no change and he was happy he'd decided not to practice this in public.
"You really shouldn't try to force your bankai out." Nanami said walking passed him.
"What do you mean?" He asked looking down at his sword.
"I mean, your zanpaukto is a living creature and can't be ordered around by someone at your level. And, you're trying too hard. I bet you know exactly what you want your sword to do and to be right?"
She took his silence as a yes.
"Some Zanpauktos work that way and some don't. But let me level with you. When you're in a battle and your sword DOES decide to reveal itself, the unpredictability of it will be a great help."
"Got it. So, be unpredictable."
"Oh no no no no no." Nanami said. "It's your swords job to be unpredictable." She said beginning to walk away. "It's YOUR job to follow orders."

A high sounding squeal echoed throughout the barracks as thousands of blades were being sharpened.
"Kaede come here." Nanami said holding up a tanto. "How can you tell a good weapon from a bad one?" She asked.
He shrugged.
"It's not the look, or the feel, but the sound listen." She said running it over a turning whetstone. A high pitched grinding noise joined the chorus of other blades being set to standard.
"Listen… high pitched and perfectly sparked. Only good weapons sound like this." She told him.


Suì-Fēng led the procession of new members through the barracks giving them the official tour. So far, they'd seen the pool, the audience chamber, the spa area, the large bathrooms, the training grounds and the hot springs. The doors opened and closed automatically, and he was beginning to hear rumors that even the floors were heated.
"This place is unbelievable." He muttered to himself.
"Eh, it's alright." Nanami said walking beside him. She'd fallen back from her original place at the front of the line and was now walking in step beside him.
"Honestly, we don't need all of this stuff but third seat Marechiyo Ōmaeda insisted."
"Well yea but, it can't be all that bad right?" Kaede asked.
"No, it's actually very nice. The only problem is, our over luxurious barracks lead people to think Squad 2 is snooty, so our members must also be snooty but this is not so." She pointed to a man walking down the hallway, he was fully dressed and his mask barely revealed any of his facial features.
"Goro over there, was raised in the slums, district 80. Ran away from home when he was 9 and entered the academy on his own."
She pointed to another member dressed the same.
"Asami, lived on the streets until she was 14. She then entered the academy after being brought there by another soul reaper."
She gestured again to another look alike member. "Eiji, was an orphan and had to look over his 3 younger siblings. He still does and is trying to move them out of the lower districts so they can be closer to him." Nanami shook her head pointing to another member.
"Kazou there, has actually been imprisoned in the nest of maggots."
"Why?" Kaede asked.

"You know…… we don't really know…" Nanami said trying to think back. "He was released from custody and joined the squad soon afterwards. When he did, he destroyed his file and he changes the story every time we ask him:"  
"'I forced the lower districts into an economic slump., I was caught plotting to assassinate Souske Aizen, always knew the bastard was no good., I accidentally took the life of arch Duke Ferdinand with a ball point pen and plunged the world of the living into world war 1., I was the head of an underground mafia responsible for the selling of illegal bunny rabbits., I robbed one of the largest Nobel families sending them into obscurity because their heir once stole my cupcake.'" Nanami quoted lowering her voice in an attempt to sound like a man.
"It's tricky." She finished with a shrug.
The group came to their last stop on their tour: The dining hall. The large room was filled with tables, people were already seated eating and laughing with one another, their masks finally off.

"Let me just speak of for barrack food." Nanami said getting into the long line she grabbed two trays and handed one to Kaede.  "Most people complain that it sucks. To be honest it kind of does. But there are two ways to get good food: Either make it yourself, or," She gestured behind the counter to wear a man in a chefs' uniform was being handed a stack of cash by the squad's third seat. "Hire a chef. Wallah! The best squad gets the best food."

Kaede sat down at a table and expected Nanami to sit next to him. He was shocked when she just stood behind him.
"So, you see," She said looking around the room with a smile. "To be in squad 2 isn't just a position, we're not just shinigami. Heh, we're ninjas. You should get to know those around you. They're your new family now." She began to walk away.
"Hey wait- Ummm thank you Captain for all your help today." He said feeling guilty for his earlier comment.
"Thank you too." Nanami said continuing to walk away. "For taking the advice of a 'spoiled princess.'"
He sat there speechless as she walked out.

Drazon stood waiting for her outside of the dining hall. "I know what you did in there." He said.
"You've now earned a little more of my respect." He said monotone as ever as if to prove his point.
"Oh now Captain Fukkashi that just won't do." She said with a smile tossing him a water bottle. "I'll just have to ruin it tomorrow."
A small black butterfly fluttered up to them and landed on Drazons shoulder.
"Perhaps." He said after a moment. "Stay here and don not leave until I send Hidden Squad members to get you. Understand?" He said. Before flash stepping away.
Here's part 2! Woohoo! Ok, I know this wasn't ridiculously long and I probably could've just added it to part one but eh, I still don't know what im going to do with chapters from here on. It's pretty give or take right now.

I know half of this chapter was pointless and probably was unneeded but, like I said I was watching Ratatouille at the time and I just thought of the possibilities and here we are! I guess this is just a way to show Nanami is actually pretty close to her squad and actually cares about them XD Ooooor I just wanted to keep you guys distracted while I planned the ahead for the next few chapters.
Ooo! Yea the second one is good! Lets go with that! :3
Oh Snap I wonder whats about to happen!!!!
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scorch62msc Nov 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
All right, very awesome. Nanami is pretty good at being a Captain!
lol well she tries to be XD
IchoaMegumi Oct 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmm now where are you going, Drazon? >_>
IchoaMegumi Oct 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice. xD
hollowtiger Oct 15, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
for a short moment I thought nanami was being a cold bitch (no offense ^^;) guess it was just really tough love in a sense.

hmmm~ Eli would do good in this squad. :3 but he'd never take a position in it.
lol oh no problem. Yea tough love is required here....
Ha ha well, the door is always open for him!
hollowtiger Oct 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
usually tough love molds the best warriors, or something like that.

Eli: Nah, its too much trouble, its better having no obligations. -3- plus the captain would totally not work with me, too pushy, I'm not good with those types of women.
Nanami: HEY! I'm not pushy! I'm delightful ^.^
hollowtiger Oct 22, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eli: Riiiiight~ I've heard about you from Kyohei, though most of what he said was good, you sound a bit irritating, and bossy. -A- and did you really make kyohei go shopping with you?
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