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November 5, 2011
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"Drazon?" Nanami said as she peeked into his office.
Looking away from his paperwork the captain greeted her.
"Yes?" He asked.
"Ummmmm do you think that… I might be able to go to the Earth Day festival today in the world of the living?" She asked leaning on his desk and batting her eyes a million times.
"Pretty pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaase?" She added with a smile.
Drazon looked up at her. "Are you mentally unstable?" He asked.
"A little bit yes, but why point that out?" She asked actually hopping up to sit on his desk.
"I meet and unknown person who's trying to track you down, receive a threat from this person and you want to go out into public?" He asked.
"Mmmmhm yea that's right." She said unphased by his sarcasm and stone look.
"Absolutely not." He said returning to his work. "Didn't we just go to a festival?" He asked.
"Yea but that was last Friday. A week ago. This is the next one."
"No." Drazon said flatly.
"But but but!" She started.
"No buts." He interrupted. "I'm far too busy to take you to some frivolous affair."
"But I've been stuck in here a week!" she whined. "I haven't gone outside in forever and… you don't have to be the one to take me." She said.

"Captain, I have those files you asked me for and I organized them accordingly." Kyohei said entering the office.  
"Kyohei can take me!" Nanami shouted triumphantly.
"I'm sorry, Kyohei can what now?" Kyohei asked as he placed the files in a drawer.
Drazon looked between Kyohei and Nanami before looking down again. "No."
"Aww come on why not?" She asked. "Are you trying to say one of your own squad members is incapable of watching over me and keeping me safe?" She asked as if implying it.
"Not at all." Drazon said calmly. "However I refuse to do that to him. And it really is his decision."
Nanami turned to a silent Kyohei. "Well, don't you want to get out of the office for a day?" She asked.
"Actually, I have more paperwork I have to do and some files that need to be organized."
Nanami sighed defeated. "All right." She said. "I guess I'll just laze around all day….nothing to do, train to the extent maybe..." Kyohei nodded.
"I guess so."
"And, tomorrow's my birthday." She mumbled with a shrug. "Just so you know." She added.
Kyohei sighed. "Well… I suppose, if it will help the captain by letting you outside for a bit…"
"Great!" Nanami said glomping him in a hug. "I promise all I'm asking for is 4 hours and then, we can come back and you can write to your little heart's content!" She said patting him on the head before rushing towards the door.   

"….What just happened?" Kyohei asked staring at the door.
"You just got….. what was the phrase? Played like a violin….."
"What?" Kyohei asked looking at his captain.
"Nothing… nothing… I've been around Nanami too much." Drazon said shaking his head. "But a day off would be good for you Kyohei." Drazon said as he was heading towards the door. "Try and enjoy yourself and have a nice time. Work can wait."
He nodded closing the door. "I'll try." He muttered.

Nanami stood outside in the sun, leaning against the wall of the public restroom located just outside of the fair grounds.
"Are you done yet?" She called into the men's restroom.
"Not-yet." Kyohei shouted. . "This thing is so weird!" He said.
Sounds of a struggle could be heard and Nanami smiled thinking of the epic battle ensuing inside. Gigai versus Soul Reaper, who would win?
Finally the lock clicked open and Kyohei stepped outside adjusting the collar of his shirt.
"Whoa whoa whoa. What are you wearing?" Nanami asked stopping him in his tracks.
Kyohei looked down at his ensemble; he was wearing a white long sleeved button up shirt tucked into gray dress pants, a black tie around his neck. His long white hair was pulled into a neat ponytail.
"No." She said flatly. "No, no no no no no no NO! Absolutely not! She declared dragging him into a nearby clothing store.
"What's wrong?!" He demanded ripping his arm from her grip.
"Dude just-…. Just pick out some new clothes, on me just please, do yourself a favor!" She said.
"What's wrong with what I'm wearing now?" He demanded.
"Just…. Please… humor me?" She asked.
Kyohei sighed and turned into the store. 'Only 3 hours 57 minutes left.' He thought to himself.  

After about 30 minutes, Kyohei exited the store a looking like a completely different person. ." He looked good in a white graphic t shirt, with a black open vest on top. It all surprisingly went well with a pair of tan khaki shorts and black converse shoes. Several multicolored bracelets were on his wrists and bundled together as he crossed his arms.
"Well, do you like it?" Nanami asked standing beside him.
"Well, yes it is rather comfortable." Kyohei answered looking at anything but her.
Nanami smiled "Good I'm glad. Oh wait one more thing!" She said messing his hair up a bit. "There, just a normal teenage boy."

A light music drifted through the air and Nanami slowly began to walk forwards curious.
Kyohei reluctantly followed behind and they entered the main path.
The smell of pollen and food hit him and he began to look around.
Chains of flowers were strung between the stalls along with small blue flags with the showing the earth waving proudly.
"Wow!" Nanami breathed. "This year's festival is much larger than last year's!" She said beginning to look around excited. "Oooooo!" She said running towards a jewelry stall.   
"Hey wait!" Kyohei shouted catching up to her quickly at the stall. "Hey, don't go running off." He said.
"Oh sorry…" Nanami said as she fingered a long silver chain. "I just saw this and… I don't know… Isn't it pretty?" She asked holding up a amethyst stone wrapped in silver wiring in the shape of a butterfly.
"Uhhh… sure…" He said unsure of an answer.
"I'll take this one please!" Nanami said handing it to the stall vender.
"A lovely choice." The lady said with a slight French accent.

"Why is there an arcade at an Earth Day festival?" Kyohei asked as they headed for the large green tent filled with videogames.
"You know… that's a good question…" Nanami said walking inside. "But eh, I try not to question it. The earth day fair is mostly a farmers market and stalls anyway." She walked up to a game, inserted a quarter and began to play.
"Do you want to play?" She asked using giving him a handful of quarters.
"No thank you, I'm content." He said turning to watch the exit. Why a fair? A public, crowded fair? With people everywhere, it'd be hard to become a soul reaper and abandon his body without causing a scene… or make an easy escape.
"Ok." Nanami sighed as the words 'GAME OVER' Flashed on the screen. "I know you're basically Drazons mini me, but I'm going to need you to chillax and have some fun ok? Lord knows you Hidden Squad Guys need it." She criticized.
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"Oh! Well… hmmmm explaining fun…. Well……. F is for friends who do stuff together! U is for you and meeeeeeeeeee N is for anywhere at anytime at all down here in th-"
"Stop!" Kyohei shouted beginning to get a headache from her singing.
"Oh well, there's another version…. Maybe it's more suited for you… E's for emotional, ruins everybodys day M is for miserable…Person! O is for on the daaark side 'cause-"
"Would YOU STOP?!" He shouted slapping his hand over her mouth.
"I'm just trying to cheer you up." Nanami said removing his hand. "We have fresh cookies. COOKIES WOO!" She finished quickly.
"It's not needed, I have plenty of fun." Kyohei defended.
"Do you have any evidence to support that statement?" She asked.
"Thought so." She said inserting another coin into the machine.
Kyohei growled. "Give me a quarter." He said grabbing a coin and inserting it into the closest machine.
Nanami smiled. Now they were getting somewhere.

"Hmmm what do you want to do now?" Nanami asked an hour later as they were walking through different stalks and booths.
"I'm not sure."Kyohei said looking around. He stopped staring at one stall selling flowers in decorative pots.
He walked over to the stall and pulled the small vase holding a single red flower out of the shade and into the sun. IT immediately seemed to perk up and turn a bright pink color.
"Hey, nice job." The old woman behind the stand told him.
"The Strawflower blooms its best in the sun." He recited seeming to look at the flower. "Its color turns brighter with the more sun it gets."
"How'd you know that?" Nanami asked walking up behind him.
"I…I used to like to garden." He said avoiding eye contact. "I've read about them before, that's all…"
"You like to garden?" She asked him.
"I did." He said before walking away.
"H-Hey!" Nanami said catching up to him. "What's the matter? You like to garden, what's so bad about that?"
"Nevermind." He said.
"But, I mean it's something you like." She insisted.
"Never mind." he said again.

Nanami frowned before grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and dragging him over to a stand selling packets of flower seeds. Slapping a few yen on the counter, she turned to Kyohei and leaned back against the counter.
"Pick your pleasure." She said bluntly.
Kyohei shook his head as he looked over the seeds.

"Come one come all! Try your hand at killing the nasty weeds!" A man shouted.
"Arrange your own flowers for that special someone!" Another man called.
"A necklace of flowers makes a wonderful gift!" A woman called.
"It's never too early in the year for wreaths!" Another shouted.
Kyohei looked uncomfortably around as they passed by various booths offering flower related games, prizes and crafts. They had entered a crowd and he was trying his best to keep up with Nanami. Turning around, she noticed his struggle within the crowd and reached over to take his hand.
"You ok?" She asked as they entered a less crowded area.
"Yes I'm fine." Just a little cautious is all.
"Hey lad," a man said tapping him on the shoulder. "Would you like to buy a bouquet of flowers? I'm sure your sister there would like it."
"W-what?!" He shouted whipping around angrily. "She's NOT my sister! She's nothing LIKE my sister! Understand?!" He shouted.  
"I'm sorry kid easy!" The man said backing away at suddenly being lashed at.
"Kyohei….." Nanami said trying to put a hand on his shoulder.

He looked at the ground in a daze. "I'm sorry…." He said. "I need a minute." He said fast walking away and vanishing into the crowd.

Nanami finally found Kyohei sitting alone on a wooden bench a ways from the festivities. His hands were clasped together and he was staring at the ground.
"Hey…" She said standing in front of him. "Are you alright?" She asked.
"Yes, I'm fine." He responded instantly.
Nanami sat down next to him on the bench. "Are you sure?" She asked. "……Did you used to have a sister?" She asked knowing the answer already.
Kyohei sighed. "Yes…."

For the first time in a long while, Kyohei found himself talking about his sister, how kind she was, how much fun they'd have together, how she'd lecture him about the importance of being a kid, how harebrained and perky she was, he even went into how he'd died on his way to a University entrance exam and how bed he felt that he had to leave her.
Nanami listened nodded at times and laughing at others.
"She sounds like a wonderful person." She said when he'd finished. "No wonder you miss her so much."
"I do." He answered.
Nanami smiled. "But hey, we're in the world of the living now, you could always go visit her." She offered.
"No, that'd upset the balance between the living and the dead." He said shaking his head.
"Just a thought." Nanami said patting his shoulder. The alarm on her wrist watch began to beep and she looked down at her wrist.
"Well," She said standing and stretching. A small hell butterfly fluttered by the two of them and two large screen doors appeared beginning to slide open. "My four hours are up."
"What really?" He asked.
"Yep, that's all I asked for remember?"
"Well, wait….. Can we stay a little longer?" He asked. He felt a bit bad about her wasting her time just to listen to him talk about his life.
"Do you want to?" She asked.
"Yea… I mean, we haven't even had lunch yet." He said with a smile.
The screen doors began to close and he stood up.
"Well then, let's go get some lunch." She said.

Not only did Kyoheis attitude improve after their long talk, he also seemed more open and relaxed.
"Hey, look at this flower." He called bending over a large pot.
"Whoa what is it?" Nanami asked looking at the odd blue and purple flowers. "They're gorgeous."
"They're passion flowers." He said. "They were originally made through cross pollination but now they grow naturally this way."
"Really? Awesome!" She said. "Can I get a few packets of Passion flower seeds?"  She asked the woman at the stand.

"Hey look at this!" He called from a stand across the walkway.
Nanami turned 'Oh nooooooow he gets perky.' She thought.  She took the bag from the woman and paid with a thank you before running up to meet him.
"This is a Russell Hybrid Lupin, the usually grow in the UK but, they're pretty adaptable….. Ooh wait! Look over there!" He said excited before running off.
The cycle continued as he continued to find more abstract and beautiful plants: the Waratah, the King Protea, the Kodjet, the Kudzu, the Agave, the powderpuff, the Indian beet.
With every new plant he found, he'd give one trivial fact about it and then run off to look at another. Nanami continued to buy seeds for each plant and followed him relentlessly through his paradise.
By the time they finally reached the area where food was being sold, they had mover 90 different types of seeds, a few gardening tools, and a small blue flag with the earth on it that was found throughout the Earth day fair.

"Hmmm what looks good?" She asked as they walked past exhibits of organic food.
"Pasta!" he shouted pointing ahead. A food stall was showcasing freshly made organic pasta. The stand had an atmosphere of authenticity to it as a man was seen shaping pasta with a hand mill.
"Sure! To the pasta!" She said taking off in a run.  

Kyohei happily slurped his noodles and Nanami looked unsure at the odd green looking food that was before her.
"Ummm………….no." She said sliding the bowl away.
"What's wrong?" Kyohei asked setting his empty bowl aside.
"It's green!" She said.
"That's just because it has vegetables in it." He said. "Try it. It won't kill you I swear."
Nanami hesitantly picked up her chopsticks and took a bite. "If I keel over, I blame you." She said. "But eh, it's pretty good."

"Where are we going?" Nanami asked chasing after Kyohei trying to keep from dropping the bags in her hands.
"Just come on before the lines form!" He said looking at a flier he'd grabbed.
The two of them rounded a corner and Nanami finally saw what they were running to.
A huge circular roller coaster rose vertically into the air. The sign above it read: AROUND THE WORLD
"…… Are you crazy?!" She asked as he pulled her along.
"No, it looks like fun! It's the only ride here and look! No lines!" He said with a grin.
"We just ate!" She said her stomach beginning to hurt just by looking at the thing.
"Are you, Nanami Shihoin scared?" He asked beginning to laugh.
"HA! You wish." She said.
"I think you are." He said with a shrug.
"I am not!" She argued back.
"Uh huh, prove it!" She said with a smile.
"Fine come on!" She said walking towards the line and setting her bags down by the ride operator.
Nanami looked at Kyohei as the safety bar was lowered over them.
"Wait… wait why you-" She said but was cut off as the ride started.

Kyohei and Nanami exited the ride both of them feeling dizzy and with a hand clapped over their mouths.
"Ugh" Kyohei said as they sat down on a nearby bench. "Whose idea was it to go on that again?" He asked breathing deeply.
"I don't know." Nanami said after a hiccup. She sat down next to him. "But he owes me lunch." She said smiling.
Kyohei smiled at her in return and his phone rang.
"Oh, I didn't even know I had this thing…" he said flipping his phone open.
"We've got to go." He said regaining his serious attitude. "Now."
"Alright." Nanami said grabbing her bags. A hell butterfly one again flitted past them and the same screen doors from before began to slide open.
"Hey Nanami…" Kyohei said as they walked through.
"Yea?" She asked.  
"Thanks for today…" He said.
"No problem. Thanks for having some fun."
AND HERE IT ISSS!!!!!! Wooo! I finally got this chapter up! It would've been posted sooner but for whatever reason I hit a block BUT here it is!

Ok just for the record, I read every deeply into K-mans character and tried my best to get his personality right when he had fun soooooooo here it is ^^

They bonded yay! Ha ha he's touchy about his sister and that one part where he exploded may have been a bit ooc buuuuuut it moved the chapter along soooo it stays! WOO!
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