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February 1, 2012
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         Kyohei stared blankly at the paper in his hands. He was supposed to be filling it out and working on the large stack of papers that sat beside him. Instead he just looked at it.

Drazon entered the room and looked out the window as the black rain continued to pour outside. Lights flickered inside of the training building and moving shadows could be seen through the open doorway.

"I assume everyone else is training?" He asked.

"Yes." Kyohei answered not looking up from his paper.

"I see, is that why it's so quiet?"

"I suppose so."

"Wait…" Drazon said setting the few files he held down on the table. "It is quiet… too quiet. Where's Nanami?"

Kyohei picked up a few more papers shuffling them in a busy manner.

Standing at the mouth of the cave, Nanami took a deep breath slightly inhaling a bit of water as the rain continued to pour down. The sun had long since vanished, and the shadows within the large cave gave it an ominous look.

"It's for Aisu." She reminded herself before taking the first steps forward. Her resolve hardened and she entered the cave determined. She didn't know how the Quincygami had managed to capture her friend, she didn't even want to know, but she would get her back.
The path within the cave began to slope downwards and she struggled to step over rocks going further inside. She turned around to see just how far she'd gone and began to slow when she noted how far away the mouth of the cave was.

"Just keep going." She told herself grabbing the hilt of her sword over her shoulder.  She felt something run over her foot and she resisted the urge to scream. A cave of death was one thing, rats were something completely different.
She reached into her sopping wet uniform, pulled out a flash light she'd found at the Hidden Squad barracks, and flicked it on. The cave didn't have much; A few stalactites and stalagmites and some rocks lying here and there on the ground. But they were around there somewhere.

         The sound of a large splash made her jump. She began to run trying to track the sound before it vanished.  While she was running, her flash light began to flicker before it died in her hand leaving her in complete darkness.
"Greeeeeeeeaaaaaat." She muttered to herself as she began to tap the flashlight silently begging it to come back to life.

A light shined through the tunnel momentarily blinding her. As it became softer, Nanami tossed the flashlight to the side and began running towards it. The path became wider and she entered a sloped opening bringing her into a large cavern.  A small waterfall poured into the room into a large body of water, and broken stone stairways led down into the water coupled with a few broken cliffs. In the center was a large circular rock with chains wrapped around it and a long torch stabbed into the ground allowing for a small circle of light with which, she could make out a large blob of silver hair as its owners head limply bobbed along the surface of the water face down.  

"Aisu! Oh god…" Nanami screamed flash stepping to the island and reached down to grab her friend.
"Where is she?" Drazon asked as he entered Nanami's room. He looked around and stopped. What had those two done.
Kyohei walked in and stopped taking a look around.

Not only was the room a neat example of two people living in unity, it was also considerably larger than any of the other barrack rooms. One side was decorated in blue and silver, with a transparent spherical chair hanging from the ceiling with a pile of silver cushions piled neatly inside. A large bed stood across from it with a blue and silver bedspread, another pile of pillows and a large stuffed snow tiger sitting on top. Closer to the opposite wall, a pool table stood ready to be used with pool sticks neatly arranged on top.  Next to it was a popcorn, soda and cotton candy machine. In the center of the room, in a perfect line, the deep blue carpet gave way to violet leading to the part nearest the door. Another bed was pushed against the far wall covered completely in violet. Another pile of pillows was stacked high with a stuffed cat on top. Beside that, another transparent spherical chair hung from the ceiling, it too was stacked with pillows.  However the real attention grabber was the huge bubbling hot tub near the entrance, above it was bright purple neon sign that read "chillax".
Drazon stopped. "How….what….WHY."

"Whoa…" Kyohei said walking further inside and looking down at the hot tub.

"This is ridiculous." Drazon said angry at what damage had been done to his room.

"How'd they get this by me?" Kyohei asked aloud.
A flash of lightning temporarily flicked through the room and the widow was forced open admitting a soaking wet Aisu into the room. She saw the two figures inside and stopped.

"Drabby" She started. "There better be a darn good reason you're contaminating the one place untouched by your emotional nubness. And you'd better give it quick." She warned fully entering the room and wringing out her hair.
Kyohei froze watching Aisu wide eyed as she crossed the room and slid open a door and grabbed a towel beginning to dry herself off.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Where's Nanami?" Drazon asked ignoring the threat.

Aisu looked between them. "Well, I got a hell butterfly earlier offering me a job, but when I got to the meeting area it was a bust. And I thought Nanami was here." She said before drying off her face and tossing the towel aside.

Nanami got on her knees and grabbed the arm floating in the water about to pull the body onto the rock.  The other hand shot up and grabbed her wrist forcing her to scream.

"Surprise." Hayao said lifting his head with a wicked grin. The entire cavern erupted in light exposing dozens of Quincygami spread throughout the cavern.  
Nanami backed away forcing Hayao to let go by placing a forceful kick on his face. He splashed back into the water and she flash stepped back into the air looking around for the archway she'd entered in.  The click of a sword against metal rang through the cavern followed by the sound of an iron gate slamming closed. She turned seeing the entryway blocked by a large iron ate. She was trapped.

"It's all over girl." Hayao said climbing onto the rock.

Nanami glared down at him and drew her sword. "So you think." She said before she vanished. She appeared behind him and aimed a slice at his neck. Their swords met with sparks and they both began to push against each other.

         It was a pure miracle that Nanami had seen the other man coming towards her in her peripheral vision and managed to avoid his thrust at her torso. She shoved Hayao back and managed to kick the man in the stomach only to have to parry another attack.


"Where are we going Kyohei?!" Aisu shouted as she and Drazon followed him down the stairs and other the door of the common room.

"I'll explain on the way." He said beginning to flash step.

The light of the grounds soon vanished s the scenes continued to change around him.
'I knew I shouldn't have let her go alone.' Kyohei thought to himself. He heard the slight sounds of feet behind him as Drazon and Aisu followed. 'But she had insisted.'

"Kyohei I'm giving you an order." Drazon said jumping into pace beside him. "Explain now."
Kyohei sighed as the trees began to thin and the rain began to pour harder.

"Nanami received a letter earlier today. From what I can tell it was from the Quincygami. It said they'd captured Aisu and unless Nanami wanted her friend to live she'd come to a location."

"And just how do you know all this?" Aisu asked flash stepping backwards as she took her place on the other side of him.

"She told me." He answered. "She said she was going to get you back. She also told me where she was going and that if she wasn't back within an hour to come after her. So of course when you walked in-"

"Yea, yea I got it." Aisu caught on. "Just focus and tell us where we're going."
It was halfway through the haphazard battle that Nanami began to grow tired. In a moment she would manage to take one man down leaving 3 to run at her undefended back. As she took them on her currently defeated foe would get back up again adding more fun to the sick party.
Hayao had given her more than one smirk as he watched his cronies attack. After a few more attacks, Nanami flash stepped into the air for even the smallest chance at a tiny break. She was met by a barrage of arrows which she dodges only by changing her position and flash stepping behind a rock.

'All I'd have to do is release my bankai and I could be out of here.' She thought frustrated as arrows continued to bounce off of the rock. It was true that her bankai would be the obvious choice, however it was at this particular moment when her brain decided to fail and, for the first time in her life, she couldn't remember the words.  

A woman suddenly appeared before Nanami and swung at her head causing a section of the rock to break off as her sword missed its mark.
'No wait…..' Nanami thought backing away as more quincygami approached her.  'With this many people, they should have taken me out my now….. Unless…' The realization made her tighten her grip on her sword. They weren't trying to beat her. Just wear her out. And it was working.


Kyohei landed before the mouth of the cave and looked around for any sign of life before nodding the all clear. Aisu and Drazon quickly joined him and all three of them drew their swords before cautiously approaching the mouth of the cave.

"It's too quiet." Aisu muttered glaring into the darkness and slowly moving forward.

"I agree." Drazon said looking around them. "It's too easy. Be on high alert."
Kyohei nodded and he took one step into the cave. A large rumbling sound followed by vibrations made them all pause.

"KYOHEI MOVE!" Drazon shouted.

Kyohei just managed to avoid being crushed by the landslide of rocks that crashed to the ground completely covering the mouth of the cave.

"DEVA!" Drazon shouted angry.

"Captain, I see a light inside." Kyohei said suddenly at the top of the pile and looking in. "It's far back but if we hurry we can- wait… wait!" He shouted looking down the rocks began to acquire a thin layer of what looked like snow and Kyohei returned to the ground just as Aisu finished dragging her sword along a majority of the rocks.

"Aisu what are you-" Drazon began

"SHH!" She shushed him. The hilt of her sword began to glow silver at the tip and both Kyohei and Drazon felt the sudden need to back up as Aisu took aim.

A large explosion later, the dust scattered everywhere attacking lungs and making it impossible to see.

Kyohei felt Aisu grab him by the front of the shirt. "Let's go." She said in a serious tone completely unaffected by her surroundings. Kyohei nodded and reached back to grab Drazons haori as he had a coughing fit.


Nanami finally caught a break and flash stepped to a small ledge that jutted out over the water. She wanted to fall down and just breathe, but the fear of another attack welled up inside her making it impossible to think. Her mind was kind enough however to allow her to remember her quinkai attack and she raised her sword completely ready for an upper hand in this fixed battle.

"Lend me you power, rei-"

"NO!" Hayao shouted rushing up behind her and covering her mouth with his hand. With his other hand he grabbed her sword hand and held it against her back beginning to force her towards the edge.

"Now tell me Ms Shihoin, you like to swim correct?" He asked rhetorically. They were standing at the edge of the rock now. At the bottom four quincygami got into position; two standing, and two kneeling in front of them, all of them with their bows drawn and ready.

"Ready?" He asked as they pulled their arrows back.
'Oh my god.' Nanami thought as her sword was wrenched from her hand. 'They're going to kill me.'

"FIRE!" Hayao shouted throwing her out over the water with a burst of strength. The archers fired shooting four arrows in her direction, a large net tied in between them.
The net hit it's mark, wrapping around Nanami as she fell towards the water. Hayao picked her sword off of the ground and smirked at the large splash she'd made when she hit the water.

"Uhh sir…" one of his men said walking up behind him. "Our goal was to capture the girl not drown her…."

Hayao turned to look at the man with a malicious smile forcing him to step back.

"I'm aware of this. This game of Cat and mouse is about to come to an end." Hayao flash stepped over the water and took careful aim before throwing the sword straight into the water towards its owner.  The sound of an explosion echoed through the cavern from the mouth of the cave. They were running out of time but it didn't matter. In a few moments it would all be over and he'd return home with everything he needed.


Nanami didn't scream as she flew through the air. As soon as she saw the net come flying towards her she took the deepest breath she could. As the net wrapped around her she fell into he water only slightly prepared. The impact itself had knocked a few precious bubbles out of her shortening her life by a few seconds.
A flash of silver caught her eye as her sword plunged into the water and impaled itself of the sandy floor of the pool. Shoving herself forward, Nanami managed to move close enough to the blade to begin sawing at the net above her shoulder. As her air began to run out, she felt a sharp slice in her shoulder pausing only for a second to adjust her position and continue sawing.

Nanami broke the surface of the water and grabbed onto the edge of the rock island beginning to pull herself up, coughing up water as she did so.   
She grabbed onto what felt like cloth and looked up to see Hayao looking down at her with a mocking smile.
Gritting her teeth, she pulled herself up fully and stood holding her sword in front of her despite how tired she felt.

"Oh please." Hayao said suddenly behind her clutching her shoulder. He pulled her back and forced the napkin onto her face waiting a moment for the chloroform to take effect and catching her when she finally fell unconscious.

"Move out." He ordered his small army. A portal was opened and as soon as they'd come, all the Quincygami were gone; finally successful in their mission.
Before he left Hayao laid Nanami on the ground, grabbed one of his own arrows, and forced it into the ground. He wanted to leave a sign. He knew that Aisu girl would probably be the first one to notice her friend gone. And he wanted a rematch.
OK! First chapter in a looooooooooong time, I know Sorry guys it's just i have these new classes and they all give me sooooooooo much homework! I've been working on this thing for the past 2 weeks every time I could grab a spare second. That's why it's so scattered and I apologize. I'd start one paragraph one day and then maybe finish it 3 days later. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy and I'll try to get back on and get this story over with ASAP.
Also I apologize for the format I know it's weird but word is being stupid and I just didn't want to look at this anymore so, yea :3
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scorch62msc Feb 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Alright, another awesome chapter Faith...quick question though...have you figured out when you're going to have Ichiro in it?
Thanks. :D
Yea I was thinking he'd enter in the next chapter and be there for the one after that, and then make random appearances throughout the rest of the books.
scorch62msc Feb 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
oh, okay, awesome.
Yep and YOU need to help me with him! He's still new to me!
Mla-wolf Feb 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yesssssss, all the perfection.

Though, Aisu's gonna be absolutely freaking PISSED when she gets to the water place. xD They took her best friend, I'm not even sure she'd be that afraid of the water. Granted she wouldn't go in if she didn't have to, but she wouldn't be freaking out like she normally would be.... Totally went off on a tangent there, but, yeah, she's gonna be pissed. :3 Hayao's gonna diiiiiieeeeee~
lol thanks a bunch XD

Oh don't worry, I have special plans for Aisu XD
lol don't worry, your tangents are very entertaining XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Mla-wolf Feb 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
xDD Yay!
hollowtiger Feb 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
man dis stuff is crazy xWx
lol thank ya I try ^^
hollowtiger Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha well you succeed :D
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