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April 12, 2012
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"Move it!" Drazon shouted as more arrows rained from the sky. Asiu and Ichiro turned form their defensive positions knocking away as many arrows as they could as they began to follow.

More Quincygami appeared in the rafters above them and loaded their bows with an assortment of different blades.
Kyoya grabbed Ichigo by the by the back of his shirt and half dragged his bloodied body out of the range of fire.
"Thanks." Ichigo groaned as he got back on his feet and began to run on his own. Kyoya grunted in response as an arrow whizzed past his head.
"Guys that way MOVE It!" Aisu shouted as she slashed her sword through the air sending a large wave of ice at their attackers freezing them to the ceiling.

"Where the hell is Daiki?!" Kyoya shouted as they ran for the large stone arch on the far end of the room.
"I don't know!" Ichiro shouted gathering fire along the length of his blade and slashing at the closest Quincygami to him. "But there's no time we've got to move!" He dropped his attack and ran after them.

They barely managed to pass through the arch before Aisu drew her sword. "There's no time to wait for Daiki! I've got to give us a head start." She said turning around and drawing her blade.
"Wait!" Daiki shouted as he too ran towards the archway dodging a fresh round of arrows. A troop of Quincygami were following him shooting more and more arrows as he approached.

Finally under the arch, Aisu aimed her sword at the stones above the door way and fired.
"SANAKO BONDO!" A sphere of white light temporary blinded the group as a sphere of white light shot towards the stones above the door way and erupted in a mixture of fire and snow.
Stones crashed around them and Ichiro pulled his leg back barely avoiding becoming crippled by a big rock.
"Nice shot." He mumbled standing and looking around.
Kyoya stalked towards Daiki growling. "IF THIS WAS A TRAP!" He threatened grabbing Daiki by the front of his shirt.
"No no! It wasn't I swear!" He said wide eyed. "I know I had to leave you guys and I'm sorry! But-but it was for a good reason I swear!" He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a few crumpled pieces of paper. Before breaking out of Kyoyas grip and spreading them out on the floor.

"I managed to grab these!" They all looked at the maps and a silent agreement was made; Daiki would live. For now.
"Well alright. Now where are we?" Ichigo asked.
"Well it looks like we're about here...." Daiki said pointing to a narrow line on a paper. "The bridge."
Instinctively they all looked up. Sure enough; they a few steps away from a long stone bridge that stretched a least a mile over what seemed to be nothing but darkness and air.

"Well, it's appropriately named..." Kyoya said turning back. "Where's Nanami?"
"She's over here... not far." Daiki said pointing to a small cluster of squares. "It's actually not far. Just over this bridge and then down the hall to the left."
"Good. Let's go then." Aisu said standing and taking off in a sprint. "I don't want to be here any longer than we have to."

                 "A noble quest, really." Aisu looked around her in alarm, trying to figure out where the voice came from. The thin figure of Kai stepped out of the shadow of an arch in the hall, a thin, nasty smile on his face. "Unfortunately, it ends here for you pathetic shinigami."
"So sure of that are you?" Aisu asked drawing her blade out and holding it at the ready. Kai smirked. "Why yes, yes I am." He drew his own blade, a long black jagged blade that somehow managed to shine in the minimal light.
Aisu charged him and swung her blade at where his head should've been. Instead, the blade sliced through a grainy black shadow, which swirled and moved through the air to the opening on the other side of the bridge. Kai reformed and smirked.
"Kageoni, attack." He commanded holding out his sword.
The blade dissipated into more dust and formed the shape of a demonic creature. Its eyes were hollow red circles and a dark smile could be made out on its slithering features.


The demon surged forward and disappeared under the bridge. The group froze, slowly pulling out their blades.
'Where'd it-' Kyoyas thought was blocked as the demon shot out leaving a ripple on the bridge. It hissed at them and returned to Kai's side.

The bridge began to creak and shake causing the small group to grab onto the metal railings on the side.
"I think...... we should go......" Drazon said looking back.
The bridge shook again and the end of the bridge began to crumble away falling into the dark hole below them.
"The bridge is breaking GO!"
They all took off in a run as more and more of the bridge was destroyed.
Ichiro, in the back of the group, was able to look down in the abyss as he ran.
Kai watched them as they approached, his smile gradually becoming a frown. "Kageoni, slow them down."
The ghost of a shadow seemed to nod and smile more before it shot forward and disappeared under the bridge. It flew out of the ground beneath Ichiro destroying what was left of the platform and causing him to fall, narrowly avoiding plummeting to his death by grabbing onto the railing. His feet dangled over the edge and he sheathed his sword to get a better grip. He felt his hand slip and was about to lose his grip until Daiki grabbed his wrist at the last second.

"Need some help?" He asked with a smile.
"Uh yea that'd be great."
Daiki flipped over the edge falling a bit before Ichiro grabbed his wrist leaving them both dangling over the side.
"This is so disappointing." Kai said as he calmly stood over them. "Daiki well..... I guess this isn't much of a loss."
"Hey!" Aisu shouted behind him. The group had stopped when they'd noticed the bridge had stopped falling, and they were missing Ichiro.
Kai turned a bit to face them. "This is what comes from nosey Shinigami. Let this be a lesson." He put his foot on Ichiros and, barely touching the surface. "You were foolish for coming here. Let this be a lesson for those who try to stop us." He roughly kicked Ichiros hand and watched them as they fell and were engulfed in the darkness, their screams quickly fading away.

Drazon said nothing but was the first to attack. The green vine extended from his blade and wrapped around Kai.
"A cute trick." He said looking at the vines. "Kageoni, finish them." He ordered before he disintegrated once again into black sand and took off through the only exit.
The bridge began to crumble again and the now smaller group made a mad dash towards the other archway. The fact that they'd just lost two members had yet to register in their minds.
They finally reached the safety of the adjoining room just as the last of the bridge gave out.
Large stone pillars held up the vast ceiling above and once again it was dark.

A hiss of hatred echoed around the room and the shadow form of Kageoni shot out of the walls, leaving tumbling rock and dust in its wake. It soared towards them growling and its red eyes thirsty for blood.
Instead of staying to fight, the remaining members of the group made a silent agreement and took off for the other side of the room. They narrowly avoided falling rocks and debris as Kageoni fazed in and out of the stone, toppling them over as they did so and bringing the whole room down.

As they reached the   far side of the room, two hallways loomed ahead of them.
"Which way?!" Kyoya shouted as more and more of the room came tumbling down slowly trapping them.
"I can't remember!" Aisu said trying to bring the image of the map back into her mind.
"Aisu MOVE!" Drazon shouted as the ceiling finally gave in. He tackled her moving her out of the way shoving the two of them into the hallway on the right in the process.  Rocks and dirt fell and completely covered the doorway sending a large cloud of dust towards them.
After the initial ingestion, the hacking, the coughing, and the rubbing of eyes by the two of them, they realized their situation.
"You've got to be kidding me." Aisu mumbled as she stood and dusted herself off.

More and more of the ceiling came crashing down around them. 1 Second passed then 2, then 3. They were running out of time as more and more of the ceiling came tumbling down.
Kyoyas mind was racing. Which way was Nanami? The map had been next to useless since none of them could seem to remember what it had said.
The rocks crashed down and a rash decision had to be made.
"AISU MOVE!" Drazon shouted before tackling her into the hallway on the right. Their choice had been made. The last of the ceiling began to fall and Kyoya had to act on a rash decision. He grabbed Ichigo by the back of his shirt and shoved him into the hallway on the left. He dove inside as a large rock smashed down where he had just been standing and covered the doorway.
Kyoya stood and scowled at the large stone. He didn't want them to separate, the group would probably have done much better with larger numbers, but they could cover more ground this way and one of the two teams was bound to find her now. The only thing he'd regretted was being stuck with that boy.
He turned and looked at Ichigo as he coughed and stood up.
"Come on." Kyoya ordered beginning to walk. "We can't waste time."

His ear piece crackled to life and he barely heard Drazons voice on the other end.
"Hello? Come in Kyoya."
"Yea, I'm here." He answered.
Woo! Here's chapter 27! Enjoy~

Sorry for the length, im trying to shorten this so I can get what I need out there and move on.
Sorry for the grammar ect.
next chapter hopefully coming soon! :D
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scorch62msc Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
What...the crap Faith? You made Ichiro fall? Seriously?
lol yes yes I did but don;t worry I have somewhere I'm going with it
scorch62msc Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
hollowtiger Apr 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shit is going down!
Ahahahahaha YOU RIGHT! :D Thanks for the fav too!
hollowtiger Apr 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no prob ^^
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I second Mla's statement.
Someone. Is going. To die.
lol maybe! I haven't got anything in particular planned. He he heeee heeeeeeeeeeee >:3
IchoaMegumi Apr 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
XD Oh gosh.
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